On our farm we are doing fields and plants cultivation, production of animal food for our own consumption and sheep breeding. Sheep breeding includes breeding of lambs for meat and production of sheep milk processed into sheep cheese. The sheep are milked in our own milking parlour. Milked and filtered milk is then processed in our cheese dairy which is constructed according to necessary standards. Our sheep cheese is sold in our own shop in the farm area. If you are interesting take large amounts of cheese contact our sales department. It is designed as a wooden house in an ancient style.
Since the position of the fields is in the picturesque submountain region of taintless nature, we produce high-quality hay as well as grass-forage for our own use. We currently also cultivate a wheat and alfalfa. We have following products:
           - meadow hay
           - alfalfa
           - wheat - summer and winter
           - sheep cheese – 13 kinds
           - sheep milk
           - grass-forage
           - sheep
           - lambs
           - sheep wool


Oľga Apoleníková, SHR
018 22 Pružina, Slovakia
Tel: +421 42 4358728