About us

Farm Oľga Apoleníková, SHR was established on 1st of August in 1991. Our core business at that time was breeding of dairy cattle, pigs, fields and plants cultivation. In 1996 there was bought a mixing machine for animal food and it is still in use for our own consumption.
Since 2005 our farm has been involved in a Bio-agriculture and obtained a Bio-certificate. One year later we converted dairy cattle to a sheep breeding with production of sheep milk and cheese products. Since the beginning of 2015, Salas began to spring for legislative reasons given only of traditional farm produce.
Our farm is situated in the picturesque valley of Strážov mountains. On these valley meadows you find our pasturing sheep herds with their sheep-bells. You find here beautiful gulleys, protected kinds of plants, and more 220 discovered caves for example Kortmanka, Dúpna and many natural rocky formations. One of the most beautiful tourist experiences is trip around the Strážov waterfall.


Oľga Apoleníková, SHR
018 22 Pružina, Slovakia
Tel: +421 42 4358728